interconnection 2 pbx

I have a request that I couldn’t resolve.

The customer has the telephone lines at an ISP that delivers a fiber to a private network within the building where my client’s company is.

for this reason I can’t authenticate sip directly to the cloud.

I thought of installing a Vital locally, in order to make this connection with the cloud.

what is the best way to make this connection between the 2 pbx?

Why not? You should be able to authenticate to any server as long as there is no firewall/NAT router that is preventing you from doing so.

my ISP

delivers a physical network port with a non-routable ip (for example)

and the server of this ISP does not have authentication it validates the ip of origin.

today the client has a Vitalpbx running locally where I configured this private network on eth2 and created the routes (everything working ok)

but the customer wants to take his pbx to the cloud for other reasons, but he doesn’t want to change his ISP.

Your client should speak to ISP to get static IP. Most of the ISP’s offer static IP at few extra charges.

this ISP here in Brazil is one of the biggest (VIVO/telefonica)

they only sell SIP this way by delivering a router of theirs to the customer’s address

and on this router they deliver a port with a fixed ip, but the network is private, (exemplo, and sip server they do this for security reasons.

and unfortunately they don’t change.

You can use openvpn module between 2 vitalpbx server

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