Inbound calls fail - no matching endpoints

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-24 at 14.08.03
See attached the errors i am getting for every inbound call

I have allowed anonymous calls
Nat is working properly for outbound
The inbound rule look good to me

Anyone able to advise?

Check your Trunk Settings.

Try with nothing in CID and nothing in DID on inbound route. This is a catch all filter. Then try again.

I have the catch all on .
I have checked the trunk settings it all looks correct.


I have attached the trunk settings

Thansk for your help

There is no “Match” there is no “From User”. There are a lot of settings that could be wrong.
How would you know that those are the right settings?

Outbound calls are working?

Yes outbound is working
I cant see why any f that should affect a catch all rule when the trunk is registeredd
Thanks for your help

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