Implement Timeout on Dynamic Destinations

Please implement a Timeout on Dynamic Destinations like on other modules.
If no response after X seconds (or milliseconds) then goto destination…

Right now it would try to load the url forever. It would kill the whole callflow if no response from server.

Thank you.

Excellent suggestion, we will take it into account.



just a little reminder!

Are you able to implement this in the next release, please? Imagine the whole call flow hangs because a website is not responding…
Since you have a timeout field in other modules already this should not be too much work.


This was added in 3.1.4-1!
Thank you!

One Question:
What will happen on Timeout? Will it go the Default Destination ?
Please add this information to the tooltip. Thx

i just tested it with:

sleep (10);
echo "done";

and I set Timeout to 1 second.
But it was NOT working. It waited the whole 10 seconds (sleep).

The resource has to be unreachable. Try with an invalid URL.

CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT: The number of seconds to wait while trying to connect. Use 0 to wait indefinitely.

In the case above, the request got successfully connected.

Wrong url:


I have no idea how to test the timeout.