How to configure outbound route selection in local extensions.

Hello Everybody.
Can you help me. My trunk registered then can received incoming call on the local extension but can’t dial to outside numbers. It has problem in outbound route and outbound route selections.

How to configure outbound route selection in local extensions. Please help me. :slight_smile:

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Can you please tell us where you are located, what areas you plan on calling? so we can help you build a outbound dial pattern

Are you using Multi-Tenant? Who’s your VoIP provider?

@miguel, @PitzKey

Thank you reply to me. I’m newly. I’m connecting from Asia Country. I didn’t use Multi-Tenant. I’m just using free version and testing it.

I think if dial plan is (.) dot then all digits permitted. Is it correctly.
My country cellular mobile numbers have 8 digits. Example:


It depends on your provider. Each provider has its own number formating for outbound and inbound calls.

The Outbound and Inbound routes must be configured according to your provider documentation. Additionally, some providers might require a valid caller ID number during outbound calls.

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