Generate QR code - An exception has occurred


When I try to generate a QR code on one of my PBX I get the attached error. I have compared the permissions of the files against another installation of VitalPBX where it works and the permissions are the same.

I have run an integrity check and all is OK.
vitalpbx --check-integrity

The two VitalPBX installations are running the following versions:
Kernel: 3.10.0-1160.25.1.el7.x86_64
Asterisk: 18.6.0
VitalPBX: 3.1.2-1


So, after running the command, everything is working now?

No, what I mean is that the check-integrity command doesn’t find any errors and says all is ok.

Try updating your PBX to the latest version.

So I found what the problem was… Once again an error message appears that has no relation to the real issue.

It was the same problem as in my previous post Unable to generate QR code
When vitalpbx doesn’t have access to on port 80 you clearly can’t generate the QR code.

The workaround in my previous post isn’t working anymore.

Please fix this issue and let us generate QR codes even if the server can’t reach or at least display a proper error message.


How would you suggest to get the WAN IP if you cannot access the web?

We are only using FQDN or Private IP for QR codes, our PBX is not exposed to WAN.
In my opinion the Public IP QR code should not be generated when it can’t reach internet, maybe with a text inside QR code image saying “Unable to get WAN IP”.

I know you don’t consider blocking outgoing traffic from a server is something normal but in our case we need to follow certain security protocols and this makes it hard for us to temporarily allow outgoing traffic when generating QR codes.