Fanvil X3SG provisioning

Anyone managed to provision Fanvil X3SG with provision module? The model is not in drop down. So I selected X3S, it provision phone but seems settings not all same as SG model. When I try to phone it gives me internal error. So I copied basic config and uses that to replace X3S templates custom… But this also does not work. Only configures the time but nothing else… Any help would be appreciated… The X4U I did worked perfectly with provided template…

We’ll look for a template for this model and send it to you as soon as possible, we’ll add this model for next update.

Will greatly appreciate it asap as we are busy building a system and have 40 of these models to be configured…

Please try with this
template.txt (31.3 KB)

Hi Roger. Tested this… It pulls through the ext etc…put when trying to call from ext it gives internal error. Sonit does the samenas it does with the X3S template. Of I however set phone up manually it works perfectly…

Ok we’ll look for another template

Thank you very much…

Try this one
template.txt (60.1 KB)

Hi Roger…
Thank you, this works BUT I lost import of Phonebook with this template… Please can you have a look at that? Rest seems to work brilliantly.

Is the issue with the internal or remote phonebooks?

This template includes phonebooks configuration
template.txt (63.3 KB)

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Hi Roger. No unfortunately this did not pull the vitalpbx cloudphonebook in either.

Sorry for the late response we are still looking for a template specific for this phone.

Thank you very much Rogerer

We haven’t found a template for the template x3sg yet but you can try this template in the meantime

template.txt (45.1 KB)

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