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When using the new provisioning module and setting up a blind blf DSS function key and a speed dial in the templates -

However, once the phone is provisioned, the result is -

As you can see, the BLF were turned into line keys and line instead of being line 1 is set to auto.
The speed dial key worked just fine.

If the BLF are changed to BLF/AXFER, that too works fine.

I see where the issue was reported in June and was hoping for a fix with the release that came out 7/20, but apparently no such luck. Any idea of when a fix may come about?


Additionally the transfer mode needs to be in the template settings as well.

Hi @lneblett,

We will do a couple of tests in our lab and see if we can reproduce this issue.

Now, just to be sure, What version of VitalPBX are you currently using?

I’ll keep you posted.


I believe the one that came out yesterday (7/20) 0

The BLF/BAXFER is setting the TYPE and VALUE wrongly in the template, here is an example of what its setting:

Fkey7 Type :1,/bb
Fkey7 Value :225
Fkey7 Title :Test

When it should be setting:

Fkey7 Type :1
Fkey7 Value :225@1/bb
Fkey7 Title :Test
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Thanks for reporting this issue we have fixed the BLF/BAXFER key value.

About the transfer mode setting can you try to change the value in this variable “Memory Key to BXfer” and check if that works, you can select one of these values:

1: blind transfer
2: attended transfer
3: make a new call
4: conference call
5: play DTMF

Great, but do we need to update something to get the fix for the templates?

The update with this fix isn’t available yet.

I think an update doesn’t change the existing Template, otherwise your customization would also disappear.
Test by recreating a model, or recovering the model from a new installation

As it is a translation issue between the gui input and how it gets translated into the newly created custom template, it’s not clear to me how a fix would come about without some update. My take is that is not an impact to the template, but rather how the gui takes a user input and subsequently populates the template correctly.

The fix was made on the backend code is not related to the template so please wait for the next update.

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