Fail to forward "Caller ID"


After update VItalPBX Carrier Plus 3.2.3-9


to VitalPBX Carrier Plus 4.0.1-1


All calls that arrive from others’ internal Asterisk, are declined (603 Declined) by our Service Provider because VitalPBX 4 didn’t forward Caller ID that receives from others’ internal Asterisk that was working in VitalPBX 3 without any issue.

CDR in VitlPBX 3:

CDR in VitalPBX 4:

sngrep -c -r (VitalPBX 4)

At the moment we have all the company that wans’t registered in VItalPBX 4 without make external calls.

Outbound Route to External Provider (VitalPBX 3):

Outbound Route to External Provider (VitalPBX 4):