Enabling Queue_log DNI event

Hi again!

So, we’ve encountered something we had not seen before regarding queue_log and how it gets filled with information about the inbound call being received.

This is from the older PBX before migrating to VitalPBX 4


As you can see, there is a DID event being generated in queue_log;


This has happened for a very long time, across different flavours and even Asterisk vanilla, I understand that there may be a change, however we need this DID event to somehow happen so that our reporting suite works correctly displaying the DNIS being dialed and we can perform brand separation on the dialed number.

What can we do? is there a dialplan we can create that will be persistent across updates and that will create this entry in queue_log? Can we add anything persistent to a custom dialplan?

thanks a lot!

In the link below, you can see the NATIVE events provided by Asterisk.

Those events in your example are custom events configured in your old dial-plan as customizations.

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Hey there,

So thanks a lot for the quick response, ok, so was confused, anyhow, have you got any experience as to how to make any of the changes mentioned above, permanent?

I have no problem customizing myself, however, making it permanent is the key matter here.


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