Email going to root@<ourpbxdomain>.com?

We relay our PBX emails through SMTP2Go and got a weird bounce error today an email was sent to with a subject line of “Cron root@pbx1 /usr/sbin/rear checklayout || /usr/sbin/rear mkrescue” unfortunately the email doesn’t exist and we have never told VitalPBX to send anything to this address. If we didn’t use SMTP2Go I wouldn’t even know this email was sent.

Any ideas what this email would be saying and why it went to the root@ email address?

Your installation seems to have a CRON that executes two scripts or commands. By default, the system sends a notification email to the root user when a script fails.

Adding “> /dev/null” at the end of your CRON scripts will stop the e-mails to the root user.

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Interesting as we have a pretty stock install so any script would be built in ones. Is there any way to change the address it sends too? I’d assume 99.9% of users would never know to make such an email.

It seems those scripts belong to the tool Relax-and-Recover (AKA REAR). I mostly believe one of your engineers installed it to create backups of your system.

Here’s more information about it.

Thanks we will look into it further but we polled all the techs and no one recalls installing this and we have no location this would back up too.

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