Dynamic fields CFI_{EXTENSION} for provisioning


quite some time ago you said there are dynamic variables available in the new provisioning.
Like CFI_{EXTENSION} which will then result in CFI_11 CFI_12 and so on accordingly.
Is that the case? Because this is not working when i tested it: CFI_{EXTENSION}

If not, can you please make that happen?


This gets you the device name of the first account setup for the phone which if you didnt modify the device defaults will match the extension number,so you can use it for the keys you want.


I will add, I use this variables directly in the custom section of the tenplates, have not tried them on the web form fields.

Thanks but this does not work in the web form fields.

The extension value is taken from the account, please make sure the account has an extension value set.

Hi Roger,

please give an example how something like this can be used in the WEB FORM field:
CFI_{EXTENSION} or $accounts[0][‘device_name’]

We are NOT talking about manipulating the template custom tab (cfg).

You input the extension variable in the value field in the dss keys section.

Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 10-28-40 VitalPBX

But this is not working. It will not be converted to the real extension of the phone. Please test it and report back. Thanks

Which models are you using

Yealink T46G

Did you really developed {Extension} variable?
There is no documentary for it.
Which other variables?

Thanks we’ll proceed to test it, that’s the only variable for now.

Please send me an email to this address roger@vitalpbx.com I will provide some instructions to apply a patch

Just did, thank you!

Thanks, as i informed you: this patch is working.
{EXTENSION} variable working.

Everybody should know about this cool feature.

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