DND functionality changes

Allowing DND to set an extension to a busy state would be very helpful. Currently, if an extension is on DND, BLFs on other phones have no way of indicating that state.

I can set up a BLF to monitor the DND hint (i.e. set the BLF to ‘DND_ext’). But, that BLF button can’t be used for dialing the extension AND it doesn’t show as busy when the ext is on a call. I would essentially need to have 2 BLFs for each extension.

Furthermore, queues send calls to extensions with DND set. The phone doesn’t ring, but it still shows as a missed call.

Reference post: Use Yealink DSS Keys for transfering, and also DND monitoring. - #3 by hlev

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In my test, a queue extension even with ALLOW DIVERSIONS set to TRUE and DND activated is ringing the phone. I do understand it would be best for cients to pause/log out of the queue when not available, but they are certainly used to just doing DND to not get any calls at all.

It might not be ringing my phones (Yealink T46S) because I’m activating DND on the phone AND the PBX. I haven’t tested just having DND on via the PBX. I’m guessing they would ring in that scenario, as the phone registers a missed call while on DND.

This issue got addressed on VitalPBX 3.1.3

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