Cross Reference link of Destinations for Inbound routes etc

Currently there is no way to get a listing of inbound route destinations without going to each route separately and looking it up.
It would be very useful on larger systems to be able to see a cross reference link or similar, especially on Inbound routes destinations. This could possibly be a report or maybe a link in the destination itself showing the inbound routes that are pointed to that destination.
For example if you were to look at a Time Condition, Queue or an IVR you could see the Inbound Routes that have that Time Condition, Queue etc… as their destination. Or some similar function to see this information.

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I hope that could be done as appears below:

and the side left menu is not practical with large and heavy or even simple call center or carrier plus system with a lot of tenants and you need to see all information as quick as possible to check which one is changed not depending on human memory to remember each inbound route where it is directed
and another request to have ability to import inbound route like the image below : (don’t hav to be the same but show all information as you can)

The left side menu if not hidden and appear all time when we open the module so we can see all saved settings like extensions or queues it could be an enhancement for the current time

We have a solution for that too. PM me.