Community Version Extension Limited to 12?

what i’ve learned from your website that community version is only limited to 12 extension, is that true ?
What if i need community version with 20+ extension or 30+ extensions and i might buy starter license with rebrand add on
please suggest the solutions

Activating the Starter License or Any Subscription will give you unlimited Extensions.

Keep in mind: only Starter License will unlock all extended features when VitalPBX v4 (currently v3) comes out. All other Add-ons will not unlock all features.

So you are on the right track.

Hello Mo,
so what i understand that starter license with current version will only unlock the extended feature, but it will not unlock unlimited extension ?
please let me know if i’m wrong

so if i buy starter license on v3 Vitalpbx will unlock unlimited extension, correct ?

If you buy Starter License, you should be well set for v4 as well.

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