CID modifiers error on skip_on_cid_number field


When input skip_on_cid_number with 0 such as 02317.

after saved and reload it misssing “0” like this


i think ombu_cid_mamangement field type is int on db

스크린샷 2023-01-05 오후 5.40.31

this happe with both V3 and V4.


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The Skip field is to define the number of digits to remove from left to right.

He’s referring to the integer problem. Meaning, if he enters 01145, it will be saved as 1145.

Again, this field is to define how many characters/numbers to remove from left to right.

If your DID is 023171234567890, and you want to remove 02317, then you have to set up the skip field to 5; this will remove the first five characters from the CID Number.

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I got it

my miss understanding.


Ahh… Thanks for clarifying!