Can't generate LetEncrypt cert on VitalPBX 4.0.0-2

I just installed VitalPBX 4.0.0-2 onto a new Debian 11 instance and ran into an error trying to generate a Let’s Encrypt cert.

After entering all of the details and hitting save, the following error is shown:

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 8.47.45 pm

I’m assuming that the error is generated due to the difference in standard users between CentOS and Debian, i.e. Apache runs as ‘www-data’ on Debian not as ‘apache’.

I considered changing the user details for apache over but given this is the standard for Debian, I though it warranted raising it.

Further to the above, the solution to this is to run the following:

sudo groupadd -g 33 -o apache
sudo useradd -u 33 -g 33 -o apache

Make sure the uid/gid match those for www-data on the system.

The script then runs and creates the cert correctly.