Can't find column status in hour database

Hello. Have a little problem with your api. Can you help
In request : GET/devices/{id}/queues/status we get response like that:
“data”: {
“5”: {
“status”: true,
“paused”: false,
“queue”: “T3_Q500”,
“type”: “dynamic”
“7”: {
“status”: true,
“paused”: false,
“queue”: “T3_Q501”,
“type”: “static”

So, the question is where did you get field “status”? (Assume it means online/offline) On which table/column should i look?
I Would be really grateful for your help.

Status is whether the user is logged into the queue or not.

Ok. How i already figured out that parameter always true for static members (in queue) and changes after logg in and logg out for dynamic members.

But i need to get list of online members, so after some search i found command : asterisk -x ‘pjsip show aors’ | grep “Contact:”.
Where can i get that data from database?

The status of online endpoints is not stored in the database.

You can get it via AMI, ARI or CLI.


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