Cant access webgui

I’ve recently installed VitalPBX with no initial configuration, and it was running fine. However, today, I couldn’t remember the password. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I received an error message with no specific details. Since then, I haven’t been able to access the web GUI login page.

I’ve already checked the IP tables to ensure my IP address wasn’t blocked, and there were no blocks. I’ve also attempted to resolve the issue by rebooting the virtual machine.

Is there anything else that could be causing this problem?

Check the different fail2ban jails to really check if you IP is not blocked, with what you mention you are most certainly banned

#View the Jails
fail2ban-client status

#View the banned IP in a specific jail, this is the one you will most likely find your ip
fail2ban-client status vitalpbx-gui

To unban your ip just do the following:

fail2ban-client set JAILNAME unbanip IPADDRESSHERE

Yes you are correct it was banned under vitalpbx-gui profile


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