Caller ID name is not passing through

I have a Vega 60Gv2 set up as the gateway for phone lines to the VitalPBX. I have yealink phones for client devices. On inbound calls we do not display the names for the inbound caller id. The name is showing up in the logs on the Vega 60G. Any insight would be much appreciated. Are there more choices that we can make in the VitalPBX for the inbound caller id other then the Get CID From setting in the trunks?

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It is possible that the Vega 60G isn’t forwarding the Caller ID information to the PBX.

I recommend you use the SNGREP tool to verify what the PBX is receiving from Vega 60G.

Thank you for the recommendation.

As cannot access root through ssh at the moment, is there another way that I could look at this?

No, SSH is the only way. For full debugging, you must have full access to the system.

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