Call Park and BLF indication lost after reloading in VitalPBX GUI

I’ve noticed that I’ll loose any BLF or Call Park indication of my phones after submitting a change through the web GUI. Phones are Yealink T46S.

Rebooting the phone doesn’t help, but doing a asterisk -rx "core restart when convenient" fixes it until I submit another change.

Is there any known fix for this? I’m tempted to set up a cron job to run that command hourly, just as a auto-fix for the time being.

I know I’m not the first person to experience this, but I have yet to find any info if there’s a fix. Loosing BLF indecation after a few minutes. - VitalPBX Community

If you are using PJSIP, try disabling the option “Allow Transport Reload” on the PJSIP Settings module.

On the other hand, we’ve been working with the Yealink phones for the other issue you’ve reported, and we realized that the BLF keys on Yealink get frozen from time to time. Restarting the phone makes the BLF keys work again.

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Disabling “Allow Transport Reload” did seem to do the trick for me. Thanks!

I’ll mark this issue solved. Thanks for the quick fix!

I’ll keep updating my other issue for the DND part.