BUG: Provisioning Scan Network

There is a bug on Provisioning (Scan Network).
I sure created a template for Fanvil X6U before. But when i try to select it it says “No results found”.
If i add the device manually: no problem


Could you please check? Should be a bug on all Brands.

Thanks for reporting it. We will check it.

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Hi @miguel and @admin

this is still an issue on 3.1.4-1.
Scan-Network is useless like this. Thx

Hi @mo10,

It looks like this is fixed in the latest version. Can you please confirm?


Yes, it’s working now. Thanks!

Would be nice to be able to set the “Description” right away.

Like this:

This is NOT working.

After hitting save it will go to the provisioning but the new phone will not be in the list.