BLF keys stuck showing busy

This may be a really newbie question here, and if so, I apologize.

I have a customer with Grandstream GRP2613 phones. Their multi-purpose keys are configured as a series of BLF keys to show if other extensions are busy.

I have two extensions which are “stuck” showing busy, when in fact they are not actually on the phone or otherwise on DND. Is there a way to manually clear this condition or force the PBX to start thinking the phones are not indeed busy? I can call them just fine and it does not send me to their voicemail.

I feel that I have overlooked something quite simple here. Thanks for any help or advice, everyone!

I figured out my own answer here!

It seems there was a zombie call between two extensions that I found by running “pjsip show channels”. I then used the command “channel request hangup” and appended the channel ID that I retrieved from the show channels command.

This instantly cleared up my problem.

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