Backups don't work anymore

VitalPBX version 2.x latest version, backups don’t work anymore.

Can you explain what you mean that it does not work anymore? What are you trying to do? Any errors?

Also, V2 has not seen any updates in a while, please upgrade to V3.

Yes, can you show the errors you get? I recommend you upgrade to v3

VitalPBX Phone System | Change Log during the release of v2.4.2-6, v3.0.8, v3.0.8-R2 and v3.1.0 some problems with the back up were fixed.

I advise you to update your vitalpbx installation to the latest version.

I said it was the latest version


[root@pbx ~]# ps aux | grep -i tar
root      3910  0.4  1.9 1507632 19460 ?       Ssl  aug01   9:04 /usr/bin/python2 -s /usr/bin/fail2ban-server -xf start
root      6982  0.6  0.1  20104  1512 ?        S    20:55   0:00 tar -czPf /tmp/ombu-backup.59neg4/recordings.tar.gz --files-from /tmp/recordings1627930517.txt --transform=s,^/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/,, -T /dev/null
root      7063  0.0  0.0 112836  1004 pts/0    S+   20:55   0:00 grep --color=auto -i tar
[root@pbx ~]# cat /tmp/recordings1627930517.txt
cat: /tmp/recordings1627930517.txt: Bestand of map bestaat niet
[root@pbx ~]#

says the file doesn’t exist

Hi @Ofloo,

Can you please tell us exactly what steps you took and at what point it fails?

I am not sure why you removed that picture, but it seems like your server is running out of space.

It indeed was, … didn’t get a proper look before of the error it always went away before I could read it. So I removed some backups and indeed it was apparently it was out of space. Wanted to verify before I confirmed.

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