Audio Fading In/Out

I have reports from users of audio fading in and out intermittently.
On the PJSIP settings page I have ulaw,alaw,vp8,vp9
Using GRP 2614 phones over wifi.
Any suggestions?

Record and send examples, please.

Best if you can get a packet capture that contains the audio streams and look at the RTCP and MOS Score.

Would you please explain how?
sngrep and use the rtp capture feature would work?

sngrep does not have rtp capture enabled by default.

You can enable it by opening the config file

nano /etc/sngreprc

And add at the bottom:

set capture.rtp on

So either sngrep or do a tcpdump, and open the pcap either in Wireshark or a sip capture tool like Homer

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It turns out that it was a WiFi issue.
I hardwired the phones and the problem has gone away.

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