API V2 Vitalpbx

Hi Vitalpbx Team,

  1. If we see API Click To Call the format like this below
curl --location -g --request POST 'https://{{host}}/api/v2/core/click_to_call' \
--header 'app-key: {{api-key}}' \
--header 'tenant: {{tenant}}' \
--form 'caller="100"' \
--form 'callee="4388908123"' \
--form 'cid_name="Click To Call 101"' \
--form 'cid_number="4388908123"' \
--form 'cos_id="1"'

How to add other variables?

Example : I want to add other variable example ‘cti_call_id=31231232132131213’ ?

  1. Queues Login/Logout

Extension 201 have Queues Q801,Q802,Q803

If we see API format like this below

curl --location -g --request POST 'http://{{host}}/api/v2/devices/{{device-id}}/queues-login' \
--header 'app-key: {{api-key}}' \
--header 'tenant: {{tenant}}' \
--form 'queues="all"'

How to login to certain queue, example : Ext : 201 only login to queue Q801 and Q803


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