After resetting apache, cannot registry the certificate letsencrypt


The apache stopped to work, si I had to reset it using the vitalpbx -reset-apache-conf. And everything started to work again. Later I go to the config to reissue the certificate but the system reports that the cerficiate already exist. I deleted the folder of the certificate but nothing, the system still says It’s registered.

Any procedure to solve this? Thank you.


How about deleting the certificate in the WebGui first?

And then after choosing the old one the delete button on the lower right.

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Yes, I have indeed deleted the previous certificate (thank you) and generated a new one, but it does not install it, although it does not seem to give an error, in the browsers it still shows “unsafe site”. The date, as you can see in the image, appears wrong.

Check the FAQ here in the forum.
Do you have Geo Firewall Addon activated? This might block something.
Did you change the default http or https Port?

Can you try again with a different domain for now?

VitalPBX V3 or V4 Beta?

Yes it was the GeoIP… Thanks so much!!!

True, I think USA must be allowed. Glad it helped.

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