Add Announcement to external calld from menbers of queue


We would like to know what is the better options to add a announcement before every call that the agents from the queue make (internal and external) calls.

We want to put a recording that the call that will be done will be recorded for security and policy rules.

We found this options to add before go through every trunk, but this will be to all calls and we just want to calls from source numbers of the queue’s.

Is there any better options to select all numbers of the queue and add a Announcement to all external call that they make?


Is there another options: Bulk Modification and Bulk Extensions, but there aren’t any feature to add an Announcement to all calls that made.


If there aren’t any feature like this, is there any possibiliti to develope tham please?

You can create a custom COS for those users, in the dialing restrictions set an announcement:

Then, you can bulk edit those extensions to add to the desired COS.

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Thank you very much @PitzKey :facepunch: :sunglasses:

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