*4 not working for parking

With the update to Vital, *4 for parking is not working on calls. Seems like the DTMF code is not being sent by extensions for some reason.

Is there anything that changed related to this?

*2 doesnt seem to be working either not detected at all either during the call.

The blind transfer process is starting when dialing #, not actually waiting for #1, to be dialed for some reason, so most likely therer is something odd with the feature codes?

Hello @hlev

Try to comment out the custom_atxfer => and custom_blindxfer => custom features in /etc/asterisk/vitalpbx/features__10-application-map.conf

nano /etc/asterisk/vitalpbx/features__10-application-map.conf


then reload the features module

asterisk -x"module reload features"

This should fix the issue.


Thank you @EINM , that does the trick for now.

Vital fixed this in version 3.1.1-1


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